monkey 1

The Legend of the Monkey King

 The legend of Sun Wukong is represented in a copy of Wu Ch’êng-ên’s Monkey. 

Under the sea is Ao Guang (the dragon king of the Eastern Sea) guarding his treasure of Cloud Walking Boots and Ruyi Jingu Bang (the Piller that Pacifed the Oceans) which Monkey will take and use as his fighting staff and part of his Phoenix Armour. There are also an octopus, jelly fish and other sea creatures.

In the mountains there is the Stone House that Monkey finds behind a waterfall.

In the Heavens are the Peaches of Immortality that Monkey will eat without permission. Further back is the Jade Emperor’s Celestial Palace with the stables hanging below, as caring for the horses is the lowliest job in Heaven. On the horizon is the Budda’s hand as he holds the whole world in his palm, reaching further than Monkey can travel.

Cut through book with watercolour held in a frame.

monkey 3 monkey 2

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